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Twenty Third Century Systems K Limited, (TTCSk), is a leading provider of integrated business applications and technology solutions in East Africa.

TTCSk, a subsidiary of EOH International, was established in 2011, with a vision of becoming a leading technology solutions provider, enabling customer centric, digital transformation with a focus of driving customer value.

We offer a well-balanced and diversified solutions portfolio. Cognisant of the fact that digital business transformation is no longer a “nice-to-have” element, it has become a necessity. We work with our customers in building digital businesses based on five pillars: Cloud Solutions, Digital Solutions, Business By Design, Big Data and Smart Cities. We provide our customers with an upfront competitive edge as we offer solutions, consultants and services across all of the aforementioned fields.

There is little doubt of the rapid pace of digital disruption in our everyday lives. Global communities are more connected than ever before, and with organisations increasingly operating in multiple territories, we help our customers enable their digital transformation strategies through leveraging our relationship with EOH International’s more than 3,000 people, delivering end-to-end services across all major industries in more than 30 countries.


Do Digital
In today’s connected world, where everything is wired and connected, citizens and customers of organisations expect their experiences to be seamless and as convenient to them and their time tables as possible. It’s time to step up your organisations’ digital capabilities.

Mobile, cloud, data and analytics. These four pillars will be key to transforming your organisation in the digital age. To keep up with the pace of change, individual technology improvements have been replaced with transformational improvements. Let us guide you through advances in machine learning, and blockchain innovations and watch as your business radically transforms.

Digital technology has opened the doors in unprecedented ways for your organisation to optimise its services and offerings. Through our innovation approaches, we connect the ecosystems within which you operate, helping you make a lasting impact that not only improves your business but also the lives of your customers and citizens.

Enhance customer experiences
Today, a customer centric business comes out on top. Let us help you create connected and successful omni-channel experiences, guide you in transforming data into actionable insights, increase your customers’ experiences through true personalisation and to not just meet their needs but anticipate them.

Service Design
We help you deliver services that are not only first-class but exceptionally memorable as well. Our solutions will assist you in providing quick issue resolutions, garner profitable interactions and to streamline processes.

Analyse data & provide insights
Todays connected world is generating information at a rapid pace, producing astronomical amounts of data. Our data and analytics solutions offer comprehensive, yet easy to understand, intelligent data. Your organisation will be able to garner truly valuable insights to ensure that your decision making processes are not just informed but also successful.

Ensure growth and performance
Growing companies face several challenges. We’ll help you overcome the hurdles by assisting you in proactively managing sales, operations and financial performance. All the while, we’ll also be by your side to help you manage changing customer, supplier and business partner needs and demands.

Improve efficiencies
Our solutions will assist your organisation by standardizing workflows and providing insightful, real-time analytics that will help to improve process efficiency and transparency and streamline teamwork.

Sustainable Infrastructure
Digitization has become an ever-present element in every aspect of our lives. Cities are becoming smarter and more responsive to the connected citizens than ever before, making cities the engine room for economic prosperity. The infrastructure supporting our countries and cities is constantly challenged to deliver smarter, more efficient services. The Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and cloud, only to name a few, provide new and exciting opportunities.

Risk Reduction
Countries, governments, cities and business conditions can change at a neck-breaking pace. We’ll help you keep calm in the storm, as our solutions assist you in proactively balancing the risks and opportunities across your organisation.

TTCSk has in the past successfully implemented and delivered SAP solutions and related consulting services to a huge portfolio of organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia

TTCS has a staff compliment of 34 employees, with the leadership team lead by Robert Gitau – Managing Director, focusing on Revenue Acquisition and overall performance of the business, Kudzai Chiota – Chief Operations Officer – Focusing Operations and Delivery of our promise to our customers and Michael Njoroge – Sales Manager, focusing on Client acquisition and Client Relationship Management.

The rest of the team consists of Admin teams; Sales and Pre-sales teams and the majority of the teams consisting SAP certified consultants.



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