Go efficiently paperless with integrated eDMS

Truly smart documents management which integrates to mission-critical business functions

eDMS enables your organisation to digitize and go paperless through content management, document processing, information retrieval, workflow, disposal, distribution and information sharing

Solution Features

Content Management

Storing of documents, and metadata models for documents

Inbound Processing

E-mail, fax, single item and mass scanning

Information Retrieval

Meta data search, keyword and file plan classification of documents, and full-text retrieval


Ad-hoc and structured workflows, and approval and decision processes (co-signature)


Authentication, authorizations and audit trails

Disposal, Distribution & Retention

Retention scheduling, and appraisal of documents

Cross Department Information exchange

Printing documents, and exporting and e-mailing of records and documents

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eSolution value

  • Control records management and reduce compliance costs
  • Complete platform backups for disaster recovery
  • Simple, efficient, user friendly and with easy navigation
  • Access to dashboards that accelerate decision processes
  • Enable consistent document handling through integration with Microsoft Office and other systems
  • Traceable and transparent documentation

Brilliant Workflow!

When documents are part of your daily processes, workflow is an essential. TTCS eDMS makes documentation the heart of procedures to ensure smooth process orchestration across functions and around the enterprise.


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