Power machines for big business

Effective enterprise resource planning systems need adaptive and powerful platforms and machines to run on

Our Expertise


Data Centers

We assist businesses in establishing data centers that suit business needs



We set up efficient virtual environments which meet demands for capacity and performance, with low maintenance



Our backup services help you create custom server rooms by providing server racks, blades and towers


Unified Communication

We build company networks by connecting users for easy communication across business functions


Wired & Wireless Solutions

We provide quality network hardware and software to allow IoT development in order to build smart device inter-operationalisation


Computing products

We are a certified dealer in devices including printers, scanners, POS machines, mini-computers, mobile devices and biometric sensors


Monitoring & Surveillance

Our systems help you establish remote surveillance systems which connect to smart devices and trigger automated event alters


Access Control

Our access control systems power enhanced network efficiency, faster, and reliable Wi-Fi performance to suit IoT network requirements.


Intrusion Systems

We provide both host and network-based traffic identification to arrest malicious intrusions, suspicious behaviour and threats


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