Our Profile

profile_Our Vision

To be the leader in providing high value Digital Transformation Solutions coming out of Africa.

Our Mission

To create maximum value for our customers across all sectors, using smart end to end digital transformation solutions.

Our Core Values

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

Our Culture

  • A passionate culture that is focused on successful delivery and implementation of all our projects.
  • An organisational culture that continuously strives to excel, learn, grow and provide excellent differentiated service.
  • Team culture of colleagues who are passionate, communicate well, develop solutions together and respect each other.
  • An innovative culture that seeks to anticipate market demands and provide relevant solutions that will transform lives.

Our Method

Extensive ICT Knowledge

To guarantee success in all projects, TTCS ensures that all consultants working on various projects are knowledgeable functional and technical experts in relevant disciplines and information technology. Hand in hand with TTCS resources’ business knowledge, this approach has transformed TTCS from being an IT systems company to a transformation business solutions partner of choice.

Business Knowledge

TTCS consultants do not only possess an in-depth ICT knowledge but are highly proficient in all aspects of organisational processes thereby delivering maximum value to our clients. TTCS understands its clientele business and the environment surrounding it thereby configures best fit solutions.


Before a client is offered a business solution, TTCS conducts a comprehensive discovery exercise to ensure that a proper understanding of the industry and business processes is gained prior to project development and implementation.

Focus on Delivery

Employing appropriate agile methodologies designed to facilitate the delivery of projects efficiently and timeously, TTCS is able to complete projects on time using its experienced resources. The achieved result is high customer satisfaction levels.

Best Practices

TTCS uses Best Practices that are industry specific , ready-to-use combination of software with pre-configured content. These are available “out of the box” through traditional, hosting and OnDemand subscription licensing models to meet the increasing need and find the fastest time to value our customers.

Active Customer Support

TTCS provides support and maintenance services across solution’s life cycle from implementation to going live. Thereafter, consultants monitor and optimise the client system through state-of-the-art tools and best practices that ensure clients take full advantage of their IT Landscape.

TTCS’ strategy is to continuously build on its relationship with our partners and clients. Our goal is to help our clients achieve global competitiveness through business transformation using technology and thereby accelerate development initiatives in Africa to both private and public entities.

From the knowledge and experience we have gained from different assignments on the African continent, we have developed a keen awareness of how to successfully accomplish the organisational objectives of our customers.

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