Mitigate risk. Gain visibility into existing & future threats.

Automate and manage risks, controls, identities, cyber threats, and international trade across the enterprise.

SAP GRC solutions are designed for end-to-end enforcement and management of an organisation’s enterprise risk management framework - offering an integrated and holistic approach to entity-wide governance, risk and compliance management. SAP

SAP GRC Solutions

Manage financial, vendor, and operational risk

Get detailed insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation for smart, risk-aware decisions with our enterprise risk management (ERM) software.

Control key processes and manage compliance

Document, assess, test, and remediate critical process risks and controls by streamlining enterprise compliance efforts and using best practice internal control processes.

Enhance audit quality and provide trusted insights

Streamline internal audits and improve their quality by simplifying document evidence, organizing work papers, and creating reports – on-site and remote.

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OfficeTech Tools' functionality ships with two deployment options designed to give business flexibility to choose between a self-hosted instance, or a cloud-driven solution.

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