EC2On the 11th of March, 2015, Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) in collaboration with the Office of the President Cabinet officially launched the ttcs.uni graduate trainee programme – an incubation programme for SAP and consultancy skills. The event was held at The Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare.

The event was graced by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr.  M.J. M. Sibanda who was also the guest of honour at the event, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. R. C. Ndhlukula and Eng. S. Kundishora, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, among others.

The ttcs.uni programme was started in 2011 as an initiative to grow the business resource base, while contributing to youth development through employment creation. It quickly grew into a hybrid program and to date, ttcs.uni has touched more than 120 graduate trainees from 5 different African countries in Southern and East and West Africa.

“We need to take cognisance of the fact that Africa has the largest young population in the world – an advantage that is only going to increase over the next few decades. As TTCS, we envisage a better Africa in the future through the exploitation of technology. We need to leverage on this critical mass,” said TTCS Group CEO Ellman Chanakira his address.

The core of the ttcs.uni programme involves intensive, in-depth and accelerated SAP skills training delivered by experienced SAP consultants. The ttcs.uni programme covers all functional areas of SAP solutions provided by TTCS including SAP Financials, Logistics, Human Capital Management, Analytics as well as database and technology.

“We hope that other corporate partnerships will also engage [in the same way as the ttcs.uni programme] in collaborative partnerships with our institutions of higher and tertiary education and other key sectors of the economy,” stated Dr. Sibanda, speaking on how technology and youth form a big part of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET).

Apart from the SAP skills, the ttcs.uni programme also makes an emphasis on soft skills, including critical thinking and problem solving. Following the successful completion of in-classroom training, trainees are attached to projects where they get on-the-job experience under the coaching of experienced consultants. The final stage in completing the programme is attaining SAP certification, an international qualification awarded for demonstration of SAP knowledge in areas of specialisation.

“Young people are synonymous with technology,” Eng. Kundishora alluded to his address in reference to the role youth play in creating and developing technological solutions, “We need to keep investing in them because technology complements an integral part in most development initiatives.”

The ttcs.uni programme is unique in its scope and format, with a visionary reach targeted towards touching all parts of Africa.

This year, the ttcs.uni program will be expanding to more countries in West and Francophone Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Senegal.

The ttcs.uni launch also included the going live of the TTCS Career Center online, and Campus Invasions, which will see teams from TTCS visiting university students to share information on pursuing careers in SAP.

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