Success Stories

Success Stories

Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) : Operational efficiency and agility through integrated systems


KTDA Management Services Ltd provides services to tea factory companies. The company is contracted to manage tea cultivation, handle payments to farmers for green leaf delivery, as well as market the manufactured tea. KTDA also develops and provides technical, financial, and managerial infrastructure support services.

Industry: Agriculture

Organization mandate: Provides management services to tea manufacturing companies

Presence: 70 Offices throughout Kenya

Employee count: 1,300+

Head Office: KTDA Farmers Building, Moi Avenue, Nairobi


Challenges before implementation

  • The existing solutions were highly customised, which made it difficult to upgrade
  • KTDA ran multiple disparate systems which limited the global view, thereby compromising data integrity through errors and perpetuating delays
  • Data security was compromised due to lack a of backup systems
  • Unavailability of total business intelligence led to poor decision-making


Why SAP?

SAP solutions assist KTDA in operating efficiently through a comprehensive, integrated system that ensures high data integrity, operational transparency, and agility. The power of SAP solutions applied to KTDA’s business operations has built the capacity to empower them to meet their corporate objectives.


Solutions & services implemented

  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Treasury
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Materials Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Production Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Employee & Management
  • Self-Service and Payroll
  • Grower Payments
  • Solution Manager
  • Workflow
  • Security
  • Basis
  • Portal
  • Business Intelligence Analytics


Business benefits

  • Integrated systems ensure that KTDA has a full view of business performance - enabling well-informed decision-making
  • Improved access to real-time information due to a single source of data is empowering KTDA to act on accurate and real-time intelligence
  • Process efficiency has been improved by real-time transaction processing
  • Reduced downtime and enhanced operational efficiency
  • KTDA now has access to up-to-date, comprehensive, and detailed financial information important for strategic decisions
  • Increased automation and process optimisation have reduced operational costs


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