Change Management: how can it be used to build stronger workteams?

New processes, different ways of working, unfamiliar systems: a solution implementation may confuse users. Not knowing the outcome of change prevents many organisations from reaching their full potential. Change Management is crucial for the success of any IT project. Involving employees correctly - and from the start - will make them drive the changes! The employee acceptance or rejection of the project will influence its outcomes.

Organisational change management is a step-by-step measure. Managing the transition effectively will help your team overcome the fear of the unknown.


What is Change Management?

A collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations in making organisational change.

Change Management is crucial for the success of any IT project. By involving employees correctly and from the start, you turn them into allies and drivers of change! It is not just the IT experts who need to understand the new applications – it’s the entire management team and employees. Including employees in the process will make them excited about the shared journey, and they will be more reactive to shaping the new processes.


How to manage the change process?

  • Step 1: Recognizing the changes in the broader business environment
  • Step 2: Developing the necessary adjustments for the company's needs
  • Step 3: Training the employees on the appropriate changes
  • Step 4: Winning the support of the employees with the persuasiveness of the appropriate adjustments

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