Choosing software for your business: Factors to consider

How do i choose the right software for my business?


Business Requirements - Identify who will have access to the system as well as the business processes that you would want the system to address. Having unclear stated requirements from the onset will affect implementation timelines and cost

Customisation  - While off-the-shelf systems may be an option, different types of businesses have functions that differ. Therefore, determine what is specific to your business so as to have the right fit. Differentiate your actual needs from what would simply be nice-to-have which can be add-ons at a later stage.

Budget - Select a solution that aligns with your budget. Take into account the license type be it a subscription-based or perpetual license, license fees, hardware costs, and maintenance costs. Perpetual licenses can be used indefinitely while subscription-based ones allow you to pay for access for a stipulated period of time or per user.

Analytics - Identify the reports that are critical for your business. Enterprise software that offers real-time analytics will go a long way in providing business performance insights that enable you to make quick informed decisions to stay on the right course to achieve your business goals.

Training needs - The implementation of a new system requires training to ensure the system is utilised. Select your software solution factoring in your training needs.

Scalability - When the business grows there is a need for additional requirements meaning a change in capacity. Be sure to select a solution that you will not need to discard when your business grows but one that you can easily adapt. 

Technical Support - Identify who will be responsible for ongoing technical support, whether it will be your IT personnel or the software provider. Also, ascertain if you would want a service provider who provides support remotely or one who can dispatch support consultants in the area your business is located.

Integration - If there are other systems you would want to integrate with check that the software you are procuring is able to integrate with other systems easily.

Change Management - Determine how you will implement a change management strategy. A change management plan is necessary to prepare and support your workforce to assimilate the new system into their daily work activities. 

Deployment method - Select the method of deployment that suits you considering factors such as security, legal requirements, and cost. Business solutions can be deployed on-premise, cloud, or a combination of both. 




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