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Frequently Asked Questions

A Line of Business Solution (LOB) is a solution for a specific single business area such as accounting. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on the other hand, include programs all core business areas, such as procurement, production, materials management, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources (HR).

  • On-premise deployment is when the servers and data stored are at a clients own location or office. This option is suitable if you would like to manage and organise your data or have a central location and have concerns on the security of your data. However, may it be more costly than cloud deployment due to hardware costs.
  • Cloud deployment is when the solution is deployed in a private or public hosted cloud. This option is suitable if you want to cut costs as there is no hardware costs for running the software.
  • Hybrid is when the solution is deployed on both a client’s in-house servers as well as on the hosted cloud.